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Kelley and Brett
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Parker and Dave

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Laura and JP

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"Janet was amazing during the planning of our wedding and especially on the big day! She was the main contact for all the vendors which meant all I had to concentrate on was getting ready and spending time with family and friends. She took ALL the stress off of me and I enjoyed my wedding day to the max! Everything was absolutely perfect! Janet worked especially hard for our wedding because she also did our flowers. The guys boutonnieres were perfect Palmetto roses. My bouquet was exactly what I had envisioned and was honestly the most beautiful bouquet I have ever seen! Janet made our wedding spectacular and I can't thank her enough!!"
-Mary and Matt Lee

"I knew Janet through mutual friends and from being in the food and beverage industry here in Charleston.  I was about 18 months away from the date I chose for our wedding.  I had been planning for a few months already.  I remember the day I was venting to one of our mutual friends about how much of a hard time I was having trying to plan a wedding and work two jobs at the same time.  The very next day, I received a text from Janet offering a helping hand.  We met that week for happy hour and my life literally changed.  I was having such a hard time getting a hold of vendors; I felt desperate and like nobody cared about my special day.  Janet said the most amazing thing, 'I’ll help you with as much or as little as you’d like.'
Not only is Janet an expert in her field, but she is prompt, professional, efficient, creative, extremely empathetic-the list goes on and on.  Janet took what I had planned so far, which wasn’t much at all, and turned my idea into a reality.  She created our wedding and it turned out to be more than anything I could have ever imagined and better than I could have ever expected.  She offered her suggestions, her advice, and her more than creative ideas.  She took my menu and coordinated everything with our catering company for all of our food and rentals.  We worked on that menu for months!!  She coordinated everything with everyone- our officiant, dj, photo booth, caterer, bartenders, wedding party, parents, friends- literally everyone that had a hand in our wedding.  She coordinated our rehearsal dinner as well.  Janet had our itinerary for both our rehearsal dinner and wedding down to the minute.  She even coordinated our stay at the Inn the night of our wedding.  Most importantly, Janet did just as she promised, as much or as little as I needed.
Janet kept me on schedule.  She let me know what needed to be done and when.  She informed me when a decision needed to be made and how much time I had to make it.  If I couldn’t, she was right there with numerous suggestions.  From flowers to food to musical selections, Janet has a plethora of knowledge and suggestions, which helps so much because a few months before your special day, you don’t want to make one more decision about anything!  Janet kept me informed with each vendor and decision.  She kept me grounded.   She kept me sane.  She was the friend I needed every time I needed her.  And many times, things were handled before I ever had to ask.  Janet typed and printed each label for our invitations; she purchased and arranged all of our flowers; she decorated the hall so beautifully it took my breath away; she was there for every decision, every melt down, and every time I needed her.
I am so unbelievably grateful Janet agreed to take on the project of our wedding.  I will treasure the journey we went on together and the friendship that was created out of it.  I will forever be indebted to Janet and everything she did for us.  Throughout this process, every vendor has praised Janet’s name and the opportunity to work with her.  One of my vendor’s chose to work with us strictly because Janet was our coordinator.  Janet makes planning a wedding feasible.  She makes it easy and economical.  She will literally create a timeline and ensure you stick to it.  And when your fiancé gets off track, you just tell him, “I’m telling Janet!”  From the bottom of my heart, choosing to work with Janet and having Janet choose to work with us was the best decision I’ve made since agreeing to marry my husband.  I am truly blessed and grateful to have had the experience.  Thank you Janet!"
-Victoria and Luke Witherspoon

"Janet did my wedding in September 2011, and even as I approach my one year anniversary, I still remember what a Godsend she was! She was of course professional, attentive, and detail-oriented, but what really sticks in my head and heart are the tough planning moments that she made dissolve from my psyche. When you want to make the decisions in your wedding, she will be there for you to make it happen--- when you wish you didn't have to deal with a person/ issue/ anything, she will be there to take care of it while you trot off to sample cake. My wedding was beautiful and under budget, and I have her to thank!"
-Alexis and Colin Kerr

"For more than a year before our wedding date, my fiance and I worked with Janet on our wedding.  I was hesitant to share my vision of a wedding with a professional because I was thinking a little out of the box.  From the first meeting I had with Janet we were finishing each others' sentences and bonding in a way I never thought I would with my wedding planner.  Over the year, Janet became someone to call on any and all aspects of our wedding or just to talk to.  "Wedding planner" doesn't quite cover the role that Janet has played with our wedding. 
     Leading up to the big day, Janet was as calm and collected as anyone I had ever met and had the most encouraging and inspiring words to get me through a very happy, but stressful part of the wedding planning.  Janet has been meticulous, inspiring and has revealed a true talent.  She not just loves her job but she is amazing at it and has a smile on her face the entire time.  When I walked into Alhambra Hall, shortly before our ceremony, it literally looked just how I envisioned it would.  I will never be able to find anyone else who could have completed and executed each beautiful detail as Janet did.  Numerous people came up to us wanting to know who arranged our flowers, did the decorations, etc....Everyone was amazed to hear that Janet did every single part of our wedding day and did it with the perfection that only Janet has. 
     I absolutely cannot imagine not having Janet plan our wedding and being a part of the most exciting day of our lives.  Janet has been a friend and an artist that I never imagined I could find in our wedding planner and would recommend her for any style of wedding, as well as a wedding planner that would be there for any wedding needs whether it be an emotional talk or a professional need."
-Elizabeth and Jamy Usher
"Janet made our wedding planning journey a positive experience from the very beginning. She transformed what we had envisioned for our wedding into reality. Our wedding was completely planned in only six months, which would not have been possible without the wonderful work of Janet. She is very organized,efficient, and is always one step ahead of you. Janet's work ethic and personality are what make her fantastic at what she does. Our wedding was perfect and clearly represented the two of us together... thanks to Janet!"
-Erin and Creighton Barrett

"When I decided to get married the second time around, I decided that I wanted a relaxed, stress free wedding (very different from my first trip down the aisle).  My husband and I both wanted a destination wedding.  We love the Charleston area and living in Atlanta made Charleston a feasible location.  Obviously to achieve the goal of planning a destination wedding while simultaneously managing two careers and four children in various stages of life requires someone on the “front lines”…enter Janet Meister.  
Janet was able to take our very loose ideas of “beachy” and “casual but classy” into the perfect day.  During 3 trips to Charleston to plan we power wedding planned by seeing at least two of every vendor.  I was able to walk away from each experience comfortable and stress free.  I can honestly say the only thing I ever stressed about was taking a two week vacation from work (something I’ve never done before but definitely plan to do again).
We held our ceremony and reception at the Historic Rice Mill building near the Charleston Marina.  It is a rustic beautiful location.  Janet helped us showcase the beautiful detail work of the building by strategically placing minimal décor...  We decided to name our tables after locations in Charleston.  It was a perfect fit since we had so many visitors from out of town.  It gave them great ideas for site seeing after the wedding.  Janet gave us a great idea for the kids table.  Since we were in Charleston, it was only fitting that we have a Pirate table.  It was complete with foam swords, eye patches, hats and chocolate gold coins for the kids.  It was a huge hit!
The candy bar was filled with our favorite dime store candies as well as Charleston chews of course.  I think the adults quite possibly enjoyed it more than the kids.
Janet not only served as wedding coordinator but she also served as florist.   The only instruction that I gave her was that I wanted flowers that did not look out of place on the beach.  I like roses but they really aren’t my favorite.  I wanted something clean and fresh.  She was able to take that and turn it into the prettiest bouquets of lavender, belles of Ireland and hydrangea.  We used them as accents around the cake table...  Janet was also able to incorporate our beach theme into the men’s boutonnieres.  They were made of tiny sand dollars and bear grass with dried lavender.  They looked great and were not over powering with the guy’s clean and simple look of dress slacks and linen shirts...
...Janet did a wonderful job in making sure everyone felt included.
 Our wedding was a wonderful experience and we will treasure the memories always.

-Naomi Carter

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